Inspiration Orchestra

The Inspiration Orchestra is one of the regular performers at St. Matthew’s.

Conductor Ian Whyte said, “Music can join a room together in laughter or tears, it can touch the heart where spoken words fail, it can be used to transport us back into our warmest memories, it doesn’t matter what way you look at it music is wonderful, inspirational and can bring great joy to us.”

“Playing music brings a new beauty as it inspires us to express our feelings, gives us confidence as the tune rises where our words can’t, it gives us drive to communicate with those around us and draws us closer as we share in the love of music. For many disabled people music stays in the realm of entertainment, something others perform for them.”

“The Inspiration Orchestra seeks to break that pattern, giving the voice of music into the hands of disabled people. Many within the orchestra can only play one note, but through joyful playing and perseverance the orchestra are choreographed to play alongside one another, creating inspirational music. The Inspiration Orchestra seeks to teach individuals real music skills, with all the rewards of personal achievement and provide joy and inspiration to others as they perform.”