Mary’s Prayer

Rock Choir performing in St. Matthew’s Church – 15th December 2017.

“As well as the serious side, we have great fun and being in the choir is a fine way of making new friends. We have all ages in our choirs and from all backgrounds. In Perth, our youngest is 15 and our oldest is 85.

“Folk can come and see if they like it and, if so, fine. The door is open to everybody.”

The choirs perform locally and at national events and 200 members are going to sing at Disneyland Paris at the end of June.

Cindy Godfrey-McKay is one of the Perth choir members who has found the Rock Choir to be a real home from home. A Dundee woman now living in the Fair City, Cindy has only 15% sight and suffers from arthritis.

She said: “Being a choir member has helped me greatly. I was in a wheelchair and knowing the choir had an event at Perth Concert Hall I was determined I wasn’t going to sing at it in my wheelchair. I motivated myself to stand while singing and I managed it.

“There are other disabled folk in the Perth choir and I would encourage other disabled people to get involved.”

“Rachel is really good with everyone. She helps us all so much and she is very supportive. Everybody is very friendly as well. It’s a right good crowd and we all have a great time in practise and in concert.”