Church re-opening to normal worship

The reopening of the church to normal worship has been progressing rapidly with each announcement from the First Minister being reflected in Guidance from the Church of Scotland Covid Team.  St. Matthew’s Risk Assessment Team for COVID under the guidance of Andy Turnbull have kept the facilities up to date.

At the most recent meeting it was agreed that the capacity of the sanctuary would be increased to 120 fulfilling the 1m. rule.  Where practical we will continue to have the chairs set out around tables as we have done from the most recent reopening . That appears to be appreciated. It also facilitates the interim way of conducting Communion.

It is anticipated the rules will be relaxed completely in the near future.

The need for Track and Trace is still required and a register of those attending is being kept for that purpose.  At this time the wearing of face mask is still required, however we are allowed to sing.

It is hoped to have tea and coffee facilities in operation in the near future.